Hill Country Deco: Modernistic Architecture of Central Texas
    Texas Memorial Museum (photo by David Bush)
Austin Daily Tribune Building

920 Colorado Street, Austin
Ernest O. Thompson State Office Building
Architects: Shirley Simons, Sr. (Tyler) and Page, Southerland & Page

In 1939, multimillionaire oilman James M. West founded the Austin Daily Tribune to advance his personal political agenda. The Tribune provided unwavering support for West's friend Governor W. Lee "Pappy" O'Daniel and other allies, coupled with unbridled criticism of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his administration. The short-lived afternoon paper was published from October 1, 1939, to December 29, 1942. West died four months after opening the modernistic Tribune building; his sons closed the newspaper a year later.

The State of Texas bought the building in 1945. In 1965 the building was named for Ernest O. Thompson, a longtime railroad commissioner who had twice lost the Democratic nomination for governor to O'Daniel.

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1: Corner detail, 2009
2: Greek key detail, 2009

Featured: Fa├žade, 2009 (photo by Jim Parsons)