Hill Country Deco: Modernistic Architecture of Central Texas
    Texas Memorial Museum (photo by David Bush)
United States Court House

200 West 8th Street, Austin
Architects: C.H. Page & Son with Louis A. Simon (Washington, D.C., supervising)
Contractor: Algernon Blair (Montgomery, Ala.)

The architecture of Austin's federal courthouse reflects the relatively austere architecture being produced under the New Deal. The WPA, which funded the courthouse's construction, spent more than $11 billion on projects nationwide by 1941.

Inside, the building's lobby, principal corridors and main courtroom retain their original detailing. A new federal courthouse is set to open in Austin in 2012, leaving the future of this building in question.

Alternate photos (click on a thumbnail to enlarge)
1: Detail, 2009
2: Courtroom, 2009
3: Metalwork, 2009
4: Lobby door, 2009

Featured: Fa├žade, 2009 (photo by David Bush)