Hill Country Deco: Modernistic Architecture of Central Texas

Modernistic houses were never common in Texas and almost nonexistent outside larger cities. While San Antonio has many distinguished examples of Art Moderne homes and apartment buildings, Austin stands out for the quantity and quality of its modernistic residential design. The most outstanding is the Art Moderne house built for department store owner Herbert Bohn. The ocean liner Queen Mary was reportedly the inspiration for the home's streamlined design. Although vastly outnumbered by traditional houses, these modernistic residences are an indication of the growth Hill Country cities experienced during the Great Depression as the agricultural economy collapsed and rural families left the surrounding countryside.

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  1509 West Woodlawn Avenue, San Antonio
  Residence for Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Bohn, Austin
1938, Roy L. Thomas with Herbert Bohn
  Residence for Mr. and Mrs. Ned DePuy, San Antonio
  268 East Lullwood Avenue, San Antonio
1938, N. Straus Nayfach
  337 East Lullwood Avenue, San Antonio
1938, Ellis Albaugh
  Duplex for Dorothy Nichols, Austin
  325 King William Street, San Antonio
  1209 Elm Street, Austin